Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions apply to every offer and agreement between consumer and PowerOak BV.

The Agreement & Right of Withdrawal

Before any agreement is concluded, the text of terms and conditions should be reviewed. If an offer has a limited duration or is subject to the conditions, it will be explicitly stated within the offer. The offer will contain a complete and accurate description of the offer products and/or services. Offers will specify the price, including taxes and cost of delivery, how the agreement will be fulfilled, what actions are required, and how a person may or may not apply to withdraw from the agreement.

In the event that an offer is accepted electronically, PowerOak will acknowledge receipt of electronically. Until receipt of the acceptance has been confirmed, the consumer have the ability to rescind the contract.

The consumer has the ability to terminate the contract without giving any reason within 14 days upon delivery of product. This commences on the day following receipt of product by the consumer. During this period, the consumer will only unpack the product to the extent as necessary to assess whether he wishes to retain the product. In the event of returning a product, it is to be returned with all accessories and if reasonably possible, in original condition and packaging.

In the event of a return, PowerOak will return the amount, my shipping costs, back within 14 days. The cost of postage is not reimbursed.

Compliance & Warranty

PowerOak guarantees that products and/or services meet contract specifications as stated in the offer. This includes reasonable reliability requirements and/or usability. If agreed upon, PowerOak also ensures that the product is suitable for what is deemed as “other than normal use.”

Dimensions are indicative and may vary from specifications. If a consumer is concerned about dimensions where a product is to be delivered, the company should be contacted prior to placing an order.

A guarantee provided by a trader or manufacturer does not affect legal rights and claims a consumer has under the contract, and may enforce against trader funds.

Disputes & Additional Terms

In the event that there is an agreement between PowerOak and consumer, it is to be handled using Dutch law only. Any additional terms should be identified by PowerOak in writing and provided so that the consumer has the ability to store and access in a reasonable manner.